Analog In Bricklet

The Analog In Bricklet can be used to extend the features of Bricks by the capability to measure voltages.


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  • Measures voltages up to 45V (DC)
  • Output in 1mV steps
  • High resolution up to 1.48mV


The Analog In Bricklet can be used to extend the features of Bricks by the capability to measure voltages.The voltage can be read out in Volt directly without conversions necessary. The device has 4 different measurement ranges. Each range is measured with 12bit resolution such that lower voltages can be measured more accurate than larger voltages (see technical specifications below). The device switches between these ranges automatically. With configurable events it is possible to react on changingvoltages without polling.

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Sensor --> Automatically switched voltage divider
Current Consumption --> 1mA
Voltage --> 0V - 45V (DC) in 1mV steps, 12bit resolution
Resolution --> 0.81mV - 11.25mV depending on selected measurement range