GPS Bricklet


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  • Receives movement-, position-, altitude and time data
  • Internal antenna, external antenne optional
  • 66 channels, 10Hz update rate
  • High sensitivity and accuracy, interference canceller

The GPS Bricklet can be used to extend Bricks by the possibility to determine their position via GPS. Additionally it is possible to receive movement (direction and velocity), altitude (altitude and geodial separation), as well as high precise time and date information.

The used GPS module is optimized to get a fast fix, has a high input sensitivity (-165dBm) and a update rate of 10Hz suitable for drones or the like. Internal interference canceller rejects RF interference from other devices like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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GPS Module Chipset --> MTK MT3339 (PA6H Module)
Current Consumption --> 35mA (acquisition), 30mA (tracking)
Sensitivity --> -148dBm (Acquisition), -165dBm (Tracking)*
Position Accuracy --> 3.0m (50% CEP)*
Time to first Fix --> < 35s (without battery), < 1s (with battery)*
Update Rate --> 10Hz