Industrial Input Bricklet

4 kanal dijital giriş,36V'a kadar giriş gerilimi,Galvanik izolasyon, Gruplanabilme


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The Industrial Digital In 4  Bricklet can be used to extend the features of Bricks by four galvanically isolated digital inputs. The input voltage can be up to 36 volts.

Input isolation permits the usage without a direct electrical connection, such that ground loops can be prevented and an additional degree of safety is added.

Typical applications are the interfacing of industrial controllers, such as PLC’s or frequency converters, or the usage in environments were electrical ground levels can not be connected.

If you need more then four inputs, you can add another Industrial Digital In 4 Bricklet and group these together. If you do this, you have eight inputs which can read simultaneously in contrast to read both bricklets successively. Grouping is only possible for Bricklets connected to one Brick. Thus you can group up to four Industrial Bricklets on a Master Brick or two on other Bricks.

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