IVPort Dual Raspberry Pi Camera Module Multiplexer

IVPort Dual Raspberry Pi Camera Module Multiplexer


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Ivport Dual is lite version of IVPort. Ivport Dual has only 2 Camera Modules support for reducing cost of ivport.

This version is not compatible with 8 MP Camera Module V2.

IVPORT DUAL V2 (Camera Module V2 8MP Sensor Compatible Version) is available at below link;


IVPORT and IVPORT V2 which are the first Raspberry Pi (also Raspberry Pi A,A+,B+ and Raspberry Pi 2,3 fully compatible) Camera Module multiplexer is designed to make possible connecting more than one camera module to single CSI camera port on Raspberry Pi. Multiplexing can be controlled by 3 pins for 4 camera modules, 5 pins for 8 camera modules and 9 pins for maximum up to 16 camera modules with using GPIO.

IVPort has already been preferred by NASA, Sony, Nikon, Amazon, ESA, MIT Lab, Spacetrex Lab, well known company research centers and numerous different universities.

 More information at https://github.com/ivmech/ivport